CR11108, CR1/3N, CR-1/3N, DL1/3N, 2L76 Battery Equivalents, and Replacements

Published on: May 24, 2022
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Dead batteries and depleted electronics can be inconvenient or dangerous. It’s critical to keep spare CR1/3N battery equivalent on hand, mainly if you use a glucometer, an emergency light, a communication tool, or a safety system.

In order to power your wearable device, dog collar, camera, or any other electronic equipment, the CR1/3N lithium battery is the ideal solution. Powered by lithium-ion technology, these batteries deliver 3V of output voltage and have more than a decade of shelf life. 

cr13n battery equivalent

Long shelf life and high output make them an excellent complement to emergency supplies. Knowing the CR11108, CR1/3N, CR-1/3N, DL1/3N, 2L76 Battery Equivalents helps you in an emergency situation. If you need a CR11108 or CR1/3N battery replacement, you can use CR11108, CR1/3N, CR-1/3N, DL1/3N, 2L76 2LR44, 2KL1/3N, 5008L, VL1/3N, or other similar batteries.

Our purpose is to offer you accurate information about these equivalents. This article includes basic information, features & specifications, equivalent, and recommended CR1/3N battery items.

CR1/3N Battery Specification

  • Chemistry: Lithium Manganese Dioxide;
  • Capacity: 160 to 170 mAh;
  • Voltage: 3V;
  • Type: Non-rechargeable; 
  • Dimensions: 11.6 mm(diameter) and 10.8 mm(height);
  • Connector Type: Pressure;
  • Weight: .0084 to .0094 lbs.

CR1/3N Battery Features

Lithium and manganese dioxide make CR1/3N batteries one of the most recent advances in principal battery technology. Below are a few valuable features of them:

Build-in Lithium Cell

In addition to cameras, dog collars, and electronic toys, this lithium cell battery is widely utilized in other products as well. Because of the lithium properties, it runs for an extended period.

High Quality

It has a 3V output voltage and is made up of metals such as lithium, cobalt, carbon, and other elements. They’re made well and will endure a long time.

Alternate Option

High-powered battery cells like these can be used to replace two LR44 batteries and their Equivalents. Also, other available equivalents are available easily. Additionally, these lithium batteries have a shelf life of more than ten years, far longer than conventional batteries.

Cross Reference

The battery’s chemistry, size, and voltage are compatible with other batteries. So it’s an ideal product that fits many devices and also has available equivalents that are easily accessible in online or local stores.

Replacement Option

This battery is perfect for various activities, including power equipment in the home and the workplace. Make sure you always have a supply of spare batteries in your electrical equipment by adding them today.

CR11108, CR1/3N, CR-1/3N, DL1/3N, 2L76 Battery Equivalents

Replacement batteries for various popular and unique applications are only one of the many benefits of using CR1/3N lithium-ion batteries. The following are the equivalent details:

CR11108 and CR-1/3N

The CR11108 battery has a diameter of 11.6 mm and a height of 10.8 mm, which is one-third the height of the N battery. N size battery measures 12 mm in diameter and 32 mm in height, So the battery is referred to as CR1/3N or CR-1/3N. But both CR11108 and CR-1/3N provide high performance. Duracell CR11108 lithium batteries have a high energy density, a wide working temperature range, and excellent low-temperature performance. 


High capacity and high voltage make the DL1/3N battery more stable and long-lasting. Most of the users think DL1 3N and CR1 3N batteries are the same or not? Yes, their size and capacity are the same, and they are replaceable. The Surpower DL1/3N 3V lithium battery ensures high voltage meets the highest quality standards.

2L76 or 2LR44

The CR11108 battery is twice the height of the SR44SW /LR44 /L76/357 battery(11.6 mm in diameter and 5.4 mm in height); the battery is designated as 2L76, or 2LR44. One of them is Energizer Lithium 2L76 batteries that supplies precise energy that can run all of the functions of video, photo, and electronic gadgets. 

2KL1/3N, 5008L, and VL1/3N

These batteries are not always available, but they are interchangeable with CR1/3N. It has 3V with the same capacity of 160 mAh as the CR1/3N battery. HQRP battery is one of the high-capacity batteries compatible with many high-energy devices.

CR11108, CR1/3N, CR-1/3N, DL1/3N, 2L76 Battery Equivalents Chart

BrandVoltmAhShelf lifeCompatible with
Viridian CR1/3N3 V17015 yearsToy, Glucometer, Calculator, Flash Light
CELEWELL 6 Pack DL1/3N 3V Lithium Battery3 V1705 yearsCalculators, weapon-mounted lights, flashlight
Duracell DL1/3N CR1/3N 2L763 V18010 yearsCalculator, Flash Light
SURPOWER CR1/3N3 V16010 yearsWeapon-mounted lights, Toy, Glucometer 
Loopacell Replacement DL1/3N CR1/3N3 V1708 yearsDigital cameras, Shaver’s, gaming controllers
LiCB CR1/3N  Lithium Batteries3V1703 yearsWeapon mounted lights, Flashlights,Toys

Equivalent Batteries: CR11108 or CR1/3N?

As previously stated, the CR11108 labels ‘CR1/3N’ and ‘2L76’ are derived from the fact that the CR11108 battery is one-third the height of an N battery and twice the height of an SR44SW/LR44/L76 battery, respectively. Such as-

1. A single CR11108 Battery

It can be substituted with two separate SR44SW/LR44/L76 batteries, especially silver-oxide chemistry. Such a combination has a nominal voltage of 3.1 volts, a cutoff voltage of 2.4 volts, and a capacity in the region of 150-200 mAh.

2. Double CR11108 Batteries

It is possible to utilize two CR11108 batteries instead of one 6 volts battery designated as 2CR1/3N or 2CR11108, which is commonly found in digital cameras, gaming controllers, shavers, and other electronic devices.

3. Multiple CR11108 Batteries

Three CR11108 batteries can be used to substitute a single 9-volt battery designated as an ‘N-Cell’ battery in a 9-volt system. To stress that they are N-cell batteries, it is also common to see labeling on batteries that state they are 9-volt N-cell batteries, such as 3CR1/3N or 3CR11108.


1. Is 2L76 the Same as CR1 3N?

Yes, 2l76 is a direct replacement for CR1 3N equivalent batteries, and they have the same height and capacity.

2. Are CR 1/3N Batteries Rechargeable?

No, lithium batteries, such as the CR1/3N, are non-rechargeable and disposable. Lithium is the metal with the best electrochemical and energy-to-weight ratio, making it superior battery chemistry.

3. What are CR11108 or CR1/3N Used for?

 CR11108 or CR1/3N is used in remote controllers, personal medical equipment, cameras, pistol sights, diabetes meters, thermometers, laser pointers, and more. Also, it is widely used in the Tono pens and electronic dog collars.

4. What is a 1/3 Battery?

The 1/3N lithium battery has 3V lithium power and provides a high capacity to run the particular device smoothly. This 3-volt lithium picture battery is suitable for cameras, toys, pet containment systems, and personal electronics, and it has a ten-year shelf-life.

5) What Does CR Stand for?

CR stands for chromium. CR is the generic identifier used by all battery manufacturers; however, lithium batteries include chromium. All batteries that contain this chemical compound can use the acronym CR.

Final Thought

The CR1/3N or CR11108 battery is a non-rechargeable cylindrical cell with a 3.0V voltage, and has numerous other labels. I hope that our CR1/3N battery equivalent information will assist you with making an informed choice based on the CR11108 label.

The CR11108 battery is a widespread battery that can be found in a variety of online outlets as well as local hardware stores. If your device allows you to use LR44 or SR44 batteries instead of CR11108 batteries, you can use two LR44 or SR44 cells to replace one CR11108 battery.

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Hi, I am responsible for the 'Homeowners Power Solutions' category. My name is Liam Jaxon and a licensed technician with 7 years of experience in vehicle batteries, electrical gadgets, and home appliances. My working experience in different residential & light commercial electrical sectors and the automobile industry helped to acquire vast knowledge in this industry.

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