5 Amazing DIY Portable Hammock Stand Plans for Camping

Published on: February 19, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Whenever the topic is about camping hammocks, the first thing people search out is whether the design is portable or not. Well, in that case, the first image we all have is a sleek swath of Polyester or Cotton fabric hanging in between 2 tall and heavy trees. But we all are now environment protectors, even a single scratch we should let on tree buckles. So, DIY portable hammock stand plans for camping are ideal to avoid all scratches, even to place campers with safety in rainy and stormy weather too, nothing is an alternative. In particular, thanks to the straps for the ultimate attachment. 

5 amazing diy portable hammock stand plans for camping

This is ironic, if you are a camping fanatic, yet have not acknowledged and planned on how to construct hammock stands in numerous ways. In recent times, we have experienced sometimes painful and expensive, in contrast, very easy ones. As per DIY pros suggestions, there are such cozy lounge building methods, either at group camping events, or on sandy riverbanks. 

Whether it is good or bad, easy to assemble are very subjective, but the rest we hope not that complicated. Since to hold more than a single person at a campfire on fabric hammocks to enjoy night stars, or as a bird feeder by singing a song on guitar, pitching a hammock is a must, yet challenging often. Recently enlisted 5 DIY level portable hammock stand plans for camping you can read thoroughly if you are up to an applicable mood within a few minutes.  

diy portable hammock stand plans for camping

DIY Portable Hammock Stand Plans

DIY portable hammock stand plans, the term is usual for regular campers, in general, it is also rewarding to make a cheap portable hammock stand while it is about camping in the rain. Also, satisfying because of the difficulty to accept as a challenge to create in different forms whether none may have unknown aspects about that. From a practical sense, making your hammock gear is so special, the following designs are kind of helping to set up the tent whenever and however you all are gathering in between campsites. 

In particular, even from our tent set up experience, geometric design, with 2 diagonal boards, and often folded position portable hammock stands we have seen to create. No matter if it is raining, or full summer with bright sun, such well-constructed contraptions will make your camping a proper resting place. Even if it is possible to insert the sticks in between large trees, blowing up risks by heavy storms are avoidable.

Straps can somehow cause scarring, and possibly by the installation on trees with frequent usage. If campers are serious about the only footprints departure, as well as tread in gentle ways, nothing beats the portable hammock stand. Even for quality time spending, for instance, a supreme pad for a hammock, like a bivy bag, you can apply it even after further camping. However, differentiates by the demand size on the campsite, though all are in regular free sizes available and hammock stands are safe as well.   

Categories Per Need

portable hanging
Credit: Photo: ticket-to-the-moon.at

Portable Hanging: 

What size of the hammock I need for my stand, the most asked question. To avoid that problem, look for a portable ready-made hammock stand. You can leave that hammock stand outside overnight. A hammock should be off the ground around 6ft. If the hammock is very low, the reason is improper hanging by keeping a few distances only between two standpoints.

This great lounging option is collapsible, from the veranda to the nearest campsite. Made of either Steel, Fiberglass, or lightweight Aluminum. However, the mobility stands for weighing less, yet the texture and design are very lightweight beyond your exact imagination of this hanging kit. The range starts from $50 and can end up at $250, including a solid carrying case.  


Wooden usual pieces are damn awesome for the backyard and household. The models come in heavy structure, as well as fix on better construction of household matters. Rather than an auto on-the-move similar hammock stand, this gear is easy to wrap and rot even. 

However, it is required to be stained and sealed on a regular basis. Making stained wooden pieces can leave the risk of insect attack, as well as cannot demolish its prolonged life, and the touch of elegance. 


in general, requires very lower maintenance like the wooden stand plans on a regular-use basis. The exception remains and is noticeable in between non Stainless Steel matches. So, the proper acknowledgment is intense to easy rust, ruin, and corrosion, which means the average use in summer and avoidable in rainy season camping. 

These are a type of affordable, though the short time usage reduces campers’ heat of appetite for this purchase. However, if we skip that issue, then these suitable and collapsible frames exist because of less weight.  

Spreader Bars:

Designed to place your hammock flat. When it remains in the stand, its spreader bars will continue to place it in perfect conjunction. In general, we have experienced Nylon, Wood, Plastic, and other non-Steel materials. In that sense, if one does not feel like wrapping around in a hammock, you will not have to worry about distractions. 

As well, self-adjustment, like prone to tipping, will not provide bad experiences in a time of taking naps overnight. Even, no carrying problem, not a fact whether it is a long-distance portable hammock stand plans including separate bars for camping.  


Relevant to no spreader bars style. Often accepted on a cocoon-like appearance. Requires less rigidity and accuracy in hanging, though never fails to ensure safety like other hammock stands provide. The stationary poses have a close conjunction between support posts. As if, 2/3 hammock length hung apart at a distance. And yes, the distance and higher hanging from the field to eliminate the fabric dip from grazing the ground. However, at a certain age, means no children can use it for comfy as if they may have trouble climbing into it. 


DIY models are very good assistance in all seasons and purposes, for instance, patio, indoors, backyard, and camping. 

Opt-Out Factors

diy portable hammock stand

Materials and Strength

Materials and means to provide the perfect strength to become the ideal comfy provider. Somewhat self-explanatory, the traditional hammocks vary from fabric to chair position. And yes, the strength secures the holding, like made of S.S. and similar quite heavy-weighted stand plans are very good for prolonged life services. The higher the amount of wear and tear withstanding sense, the more one should check and invest in. 

However, height from hanging and as well as weight tend the best rate to hold. Most of the camp tents, in general, uphold far more. The ever wanted height you desire for that comfy and strong upholding, provides more or less, for example, plan on cramming at least 2 or 3 persons together. 


Instead of fabric hammocks, hammock swings, as in hammock rock chairs like DIY portable hammock stand plans for camping prove ideal. Though the second model is better than cotton, canvas, Sunbreall, or Polyester made are a high level of comfort provider. However, stands are available in small, queen, double, single, and family packages as well. 

In particular, the family size ranges from 5’11” in diameter. Such typical hammock stands hold average-sized adults around 3. Whether it is good for rowdy backward, the queen-sized, means the hammocks range between 5’ 3” to 5′ 11” in diameter is better for inside. Around 5’3” in width are popular as double geared ones to hold 2 guys. In contrast, 5 ft in width and ranging the length between 76” to 79” which is suitable for single adult person upholding.  


For portable hammock stand plans for camping, like setting up important facts, the design is considered as one of those. Either you will blow away, or stay in a standard place, the fact determines that often. Some are simple, yet heavy to measure the upholding performance. 

Too far off the beaten path for campers’ good. Some are legitimate reinforcement, on the entirely tried and unique design. In contrast, others come with high situational, or niche. The fact is, the purchase is on your entire demands and selection that you are planning for.

5 Smarty DIY Portable Hammock Stand Plans for Camping

The idea of making an elegant lounge, especially the smart DIY portable hammock stand plans for camping is damn awesome. Yes, the simple to assemble designs and what we have experienced to create those, we have well-informed below. 


turtledog hammock stand
Credit: Photo: hammockforums.net

The first project to build a portable hammock stand plan for camping is the fab Turtledog. For those, whoever wants to go away for a night party or campfire, and do not have any fixed time to get the entire staff in a truck. This special lounge comfort offers a proper sleeping process under the stars, as well as in fresh air.

The easiest and fastest set up in practical both hot and wet weather is working and transporting breeze for maximum comfort. The project we have started with enough ridgepoles and 2 tripods. Only have to secure the top of the ridgepole with 2 tripods, and the possible assistance for small equipment is S hooks and door hinge. Once you tie up a hammock in a direct position to the tripods, the security procedure will begin then. 

A significant altering process you can step forward with counting on both needed height and design. In case of all seasonal usage of such a lounge, you should prior it, yet remember the poles with Plasti dip for further usage. However, this one skips the shade coverage in the backyard, but is not useful to hold up a single person only. 

Dabberty Foldable

Its stand-style appears on a series of boards. Not trim boards, wood boards laid out in only one layer side-by-side when the hammock turns to fold. Whether the style is unfolding by users, hammock base supports like 2 diagonal wood posts oriented in a V-form which is very exceptional. Attached to the exterior 2 posts, the hammock can get tied hard and durable that may not blow away by pressures, as well as storms. 

As well, using an almost low tarp as a cover of the stand whether one needs to protect the face and head off from the sun. Even more than enough flexibility you demand, nothing can beat such a foldable hammock stand plan from one camping trip to another. Whether about to store it in the front side garage, the entire staff will go inside at ease. Of the 5 portable hammock stand plans for camping java enlisted here, this project is the most challenging, either the direction of making, or the partial explanation to someone. 

Possibly take 2 cuts of orange wood, green wood without cuts, and between each cut, space should have more than 1cm, whether 2 pieces of blue wood will need 115cm each. On top of that, our experience with 6*6 cm wood, in particular, the need for 6*6*250 cm is very crucial, however, we have used at least 10mm bolts. 

This portable one is very stationary in this category, however, not low enough to kick back and that’s the problem for shorter users. 

Car Camping

car camping hammock stand plans
Credit: Photo: pinterest.com

Constructing a car camping hammock stand, even possible to conserve room in a trunk. Not only free up overall space where you can store big saws, like table saws, chainsaws, and more, but also need only common and compact equipment. Similar to V formation and 2-diagonal boards, as if the Dabberty Foldable wood stand. However, one can skip the extensive usage of extra wood for making the base. 

Starting the project with a diagonal post and longer two lines at either end. Only rebar, 12” x 9” rain tarp, stakes and 2 x 4 boards are perfect to get started. However, the 12” x 9” big tarp is the overall solution whether you can forget the other things at ease, yet several connecting rope pieces you cannot avoid. 

In DIY ways, if one has heart and sole demand for that, convenience and speed are the foremost important requirements not to let DIYers get stuck. 

DIY Tensahedron Style

Another version or you can say very similar to the previous stand plan for camping. The similarities while picking up rope, stands, yet in a very geometrical design. Instead of wooden boards like in previous models, depending on the thrive for symmetrical stability which you will use to raise a fabric hammock from the ground, either you can say cradling the hammock. The 4 stands keep it balancing, as well as the suspension with precision, which raises the possibility of drift off except for any fear of falling feeling.

This portable hammock stand plan for camping allows for enough length-wise spacers. How? In hammock middle with folding out rails into a diagonal V-shape. DIY pros even suggest this stand, as in 4 top rails and all are of Galvanized S.S., cut-off in half and around 10′ x 6″ lengthy ones. If you have hex bolts or eye bolts, your day has been good. 

What do people like the most in this stand plan rather than? Though we have enlisted it at last, yet people get attracted by the convenient quality for camping in the rain with an axe or hatchet. In an afternoon, if you know around a drill to finish its entire construction, a jackpot you have had then. The main steps and the noticeable point is building the holes through the standpipe, by the bolts assembling 2 rails. Then you will get the comfortable Nylon or Cotton hammock in between the spacer. 

Byer of Maine Vario

The most pretending commercial DIY portable hammock stand plan for camping. Breaks itself before constructing into 5 pieces, even more than that. However, one needs to fit only into a trunk with a well enough back seat down. As if, the legs are the smartest cumbersome counterparts that may not have to be flat. 

It is still cozy for a single person though the S.S. all components are heavy-weighted. Also, adjustable that you can fit any tarp in the middle, either purchasing an extra adapter to solve the problem till 180” at least. Less than various backyard stands, enough flexibility. And the sturdiness you want to measure out, well, the Vario is quite strong, whether the single weak point we have found in between the screw knobs connection. Fortunately, one of our crew members was properly fitted, so no construction anxiety remains. 

Even its deep sags, it works quite well, yet the poles flex while you will get in, heal the tarp sags as if it is not high enough. 

Is It Possible to Make Hammock Stand Plans by Yourself?

When the topic is about hammocks hanging on campsites, the DIY models carry out the specialty whether other mobile featuring stands may not do. Considering the spaced posts out, how your spine and hands will respond to the pressure while transporting from here to there. 

It seems the smart one is as per your back requires to the scheme as flat as possible. However, the better you desire, the harder work you will have to fix that further. A nice hammock stand made by oneself is possible through maintaining some common techniques, for example, the height upholding from ground level. The range from ground level exists between 4 feet to 5 feet, often relies on a chain or cord extension. Even though that measurement, keep it 18” off the ground, as well as a preferable height too. 

The prime to getting one’s steller to line up down when the hammock requires the term of proper adjustment, and yes, the notion leans to that curve. More than that, do not fight over the term “cotton vs Polyester hammock”. As per your body angle, we suggest the cotton made ones in the backyard, rather the monsoon camping needs Polyester ones on the portable stands points. 

Are Portable Hammock Stands a Good Alternative to Camping Folding Chairs?

Portable hammock stands can be a great alternative to camping folding chairs. They provide a comfortable and relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors while still being compact and easy to transport. With a hammock stand, you can lounge and unwind in nature without sacrificing comfort.

Wrap Up

Numerous DIY portable hammock stand plans for camping are some of the drastic ideas ever to cheer up your hiking and backyard evenings more. The right pick often depends on the level off from the ground, size, persons hanging on, and more facts. In that sense, planning to carry on car trips, foldable ones are good enough. 

Besides, from novice to DIY pros often love such stand plans that we have enlisted on the top. Only the task you have is, remember you and your planer’s ergonomic needs and simply accept the challenge with flips and tricks.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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