Best I Tip Hair Extensions: Why Choose & Ways to Apply

Published on: April 6, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Hair extensions are meant to enhance anyone’s look by boosting the length, volume, added color and covering up the lackings. But the damage and harm many hair extensions and wigs cause to natural hair makes hair extensions a nightmare for many women. 

We have brought the safest hair extension you can get. I-tip hair extensions have many advantages, and one of those is, once worn, you need to reapply it every 4 to 5 weeks. It is not like clip-in or halo or lace front extensions that you need to wear every time you step out.

best i tip hair extensions

Rather, the wearing of I tip extension is like wear and forget. There is no added clip or coverings; so, the hair is comfortable to wear and seamless to look. Let’s know more about this miraculous extension; it may change the way you used to look at hair extensions forever.

What to Seem for In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions differ in the hair used, the length of the hair, the width of the pieces, the color of the hair, the feel of the hair, the thickness of the hair, and, most significantly, the appliance method required. If you’re trying to find the simplest match to your hair, there are a couple of belongings you should know.

Type of Hair

We recommend using all-natural human hair because this hair, as against synthetic hair, is often straightened and curled with hot tools. Synthetic hair can’t be styled; otherwise, it’ll completely melt. Human hair is additionally easier to worry about because you’ll wash it regularly and look after it as if it were your own natural hair.

Width of Pieces

Generally speaking, when trying to find extensions, it’s better to shop for smaller pieces. The less width the pieces have, the more naturally the extensions blend in together with your natural hair. However, there are some cases during which longer pieces could also be better: if you’re new to applying for extensions, it’s going to be easier to start with wider pieces. Also, if you’re creating tons of volume, it’s even going to be appropriate to use wider pieces of hair.

Color of Extensions

It may be challenging to match your hair’s color to extensions, but many of the simplest hair extensions brands have tools on their websites for selecting the acceptable hair color for you. Some brands may even be provided hair swatches upon request.

Texture of Hair

Everyone features a unique hair texture, but some brands of hair extensions only sell one texture. If you’ve got curly hair, it’s going to be worthwhile to look for an extension brand that gives curly hair to match your own. This may help reduce styling time and also will help your hair blend with the extensions.

Thickness of Hair

Just like texture, the thickness of hair varies from individual to individual. One reason one’s hair extensions don’t successfully blend with their natural hair is the difference in the thickness of the hair.

Application Method Required

There are five main ways to connect hair extensions, and every one of them requires a particular technique. It’s also essential to concentrate on which tools are needed for every of the various application types.

Why Choose I-tip Extensions?

  • I tip extensions are mainly made with real human hair. A thin strand of hair is bonded with a good quality glue to give it the I tip form. The hair is available in every possible shades, textures, lengths, and hair grades. You will also get to seel many awesome highlighted and ombre shades of different I tip extensions. 
  • There is no tape, lace, or clip attached to the extension to attach it to the scalp. So, there is less risk of shedding hair from the extensions. Besides, the hair is breathable, non-pulling on your scalp, and feels like your own hair got fuller and thickened. You can make any hairdo or style it using heating tools with this I tip extensions. 
  • It is a long-wearing extension. You don’t need to put it off after any event; in fact, you can wear it like your life itself is the event. It only takes reapplication every month to keep it close to the scalp. 

After discussing all these advantages, don’t you think you should get one and end the confusion you had about this extension? 

Ways to Apply for I-Tip Extensions

Cold Fusion

Your hair is passed through a soft tiny silicon lining ring in the cold fusion method, and the I-tip strand is passed underneath the ring. Then the ring is clamped with pliers to seal the natural hair and extension in the same ring. Whin way, 100-300 hair strands are applied to the back of the head. When the hair grows, the beads slip 1 to 1.5 inches lower. The beads are then replaced with new ones, and the hair extensions are reapplied closer to the scalp. 

Hot fusion

In this method, the I tip and a thin strand from your scalp if pressed together with a heating element. Then the glue melts and creates a bond with the natural hair. This way, there is no bead used, and the hair is even more comfortable. But the residue from glue and the heat is damaging for the hair. When it needs reapplication, a glue remover is used on the bonds. Then the extension slipped off from the hair and reapplied with new glue. 

What are the best ways to care for I tip hair extensions?

To care for I tip hair extensions, follow these celebrity hair care secrets. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep the extensions looking their best. Brush gently and avoid using heat tools excessively. Also, sleep with a silk scarf or pillowcase to prevent tangling and breakage.

How to Choose the Shades Online? 

Choosing any hair extension online is very confusing. Don’t worry, and we’ve got your back here. There are several ways you can detect the true match to your hair color online.

  • The vendors always mention the color number in their advertisements. From there, you can assume if it is your color or not. From the salon’s booklet, you can select your hair color number, then the selection of the hair extension gets easy.
  • For length, always for two inches longer than you need. Because the tip of the hair gets thinner with the length of the hair. Besides, the stylist who installs the I tip extension trim the hair a bit after application for a more put-together look. A few more centimeters are sacrificed in this process too. 
  • Choose the hair of your natural texture. For wavy, straight, or curly hair, go for the respective form and texture to make the total look natural and undetectable. 
  • When choosing an odd color, like a red, blue, or purple color, you can go for any shade as long as you do not wear those full heads. For a full head of vibrant hair, I-tip is not the best solution. You may need to dye your entire hair and then contact the seller to make a custom extension for you. Because the color you will develop on hair may vary the one they sell. 

Editor’s Speech 

Have you decided how you want to apply for the I tip extension? If it is cold fusion or hot fusion? Choosing the hair extension mostly depends on how you are applying it. For hot fusion, you should look for the vendors who sell hair that can be applied either way. On the other hand, for cold fusion, I tip hair can be applied this way. Read more: Braiding Hair Extensions – How to Choose It

All the I tip hair we listed here are real human hair. It requires proper care and maintenance to make the hair extension last long. Otherwise, the hair becomes tangled, dry, and lifeless within a month.

Our Selected I Tip Hair Extensions Analysis, Below

Forawme Straight I Tip Hair Extensions in 1B

  • Length ranges from 18-24 inches;
  • 100g per pack.

Choosing a real human hair extension must wear hair extensions in a straight and silky texture. Otherwise, the hair looks artificial, and the strands of natural hair and artificial hair can be detected. So, we choose these real human hair I tip extensions. This one is black, but Forawme has other natural shades in their collection as well. The length of these extensions ranges from 18 to 24 inches.

There are 100 strands in each pack, and each strand weighs 1 gram. I can’t say how many packs you need because it totally depends on you. If you need volume, then one pack is enough to medium thickness hair. For added length and volume, two packs should be enough. This hair quality is so good that, with proper care, it can last up to a year. You can dye or bleach the hair, which is a plus because no other vendor allows this to their dark color hair extensions.

Sunny I Tip Hair Extensions Black Human Hair #1 Jet Black Human Hair

  • Length:14 -16inch;
  • 0.5g/strand,50g 100s/set available.

Hairstylists suggest choosing thin extensions. Because the thinner the strand, the more natural it looks and blends well. This pack from Moresso has 50 grams of hair, but the strands are thinner than other vendors. 

We choose this jet black, #1, we prescribe 2 to 3 packs to build the volume and 3 to 4 packs to expand the length. You will not have any trouble choosing one, or you can order a customized extension for yourself.

Perfect platinum blonde colors are not always available. Because Brazilian hair is bleached and dyed professionally to give this color, some consider dying their extension to get this color, but this only damages the hair and fails to get the expected shades. 

So, choose your blondes proudly from Moresso. Their hair is ready for cold fusion application only. For heated applications, there are other options on this list.

RUNATURE Remy Hair I Tip Extensions, Purple Color

  • 14-22 inches length to choose from;
  • 21 different vibrant shades, 20 strands per pack;
  • Cold/hot fusion application.

Purple is a shade that looks good on every skin tone if properly applied and styled. Rather than a full head application, one or two strands of this purple shade hair extension will make your look stand out. Every hair color will rock with a few strands of these I tip extensions from black to blond. For this, you only need one pack, and it contains only 20 strands. For more hair, you may need two to three packs. 

I recommend ordering different shades two to three shades to experiment with your look every month as you reapply the extensions. This extension can be applied with beads, or by applying heat. The choice is yours. 

Rich Choices Pre Bonded Hair Extensions, Medium Brown

  • Pre-Bonded Keratin/I-Tip Human Hair Extensions;
  • Length: 16-22-inch;
  • Time Limit: 3-6 months;
  • Weight: 100 strands 50g/pack, 0.5g/ strands.

I tip hair extensions are the ideal decision for people looking for long-hole extensions. It can usually match your hair. 

We recommend 3-4 packs (150 to 200g) to add volume and stretch length. 

All the hair extension varieties from Rich Choices are true to color and length. Only natural shades are available. Black, natural black, darkest brown, platinum blonde, white blonde, and caramel blonde shades are available. 

Only Brazilian Remy hair is used to make all the extensions. The hair is cheaper than the name brands, but the look and feel are the same. With proper maintenance, this extension can last up to 6 months.

Sunny Pre Bonded I Tip Hair Extensions Human Hair Straight Blonde Highlights

  • Hair Type: straight;
  • Color: Itip#P;
  • 16-22 inches long;
  • Cold fusion.

As you can see, there are two close shades of hair color light brown and platinum blonde in this extension. It is blended seamlessly with any hair color or alike. 

Without dying your hair, you will get the piano effect by wearing these extensions. There are 50 strands per pack, and one may need 2 to 4 packs for a full head of this hair color. 

These are cold fusion I tip hair. Only 3mm size beads are required to apply this hair. As there is no heat applied, your own hair and the extension will both be intact and damage-free after the end of the session. 

Sunny also takes customized orders; just mention the length, hair grade, texture, and color to the customer service, and you will get the dream hair shipped to you.

Full Shine Blonde Highlighted I Tip Strands, 18 Ash Blonde Highlighted 613 Blonde

  • 16-22 inches long extensions; 
  • Color #613 Highlighted With Color #18 ash blonde, silky straight hair.

Ash-blonde color is highlighted with a warmer blonde shade so that there is a golden hue to this extension. The base is ash blonde, but the hair does not look ashy. However, only high-quality human hair is used to make this I tip strand. So, you can use a hairdryer, straightener, and curler to style this silky straight hair. Heat styling is safe as long as you apply it under 180 degrees and use heat protection.

The strands are thick, 1 g strands, and the ends are full. After wearing, the end will not look thinned out like cheaply made hair extensions. You can always use a darker dye to this extension to change your look, but never lighter.

Moresoo I Tip Extensions, Off Black Body Wave Human Hair

  • 16-24 inches long hair can be ordered;
  • Color- off black, Straight, and body wave texture available.

If you’ve wavy hair, then it is better to go for a wavy hair extension. This hair will match to your self hair without any effort and heat styling. Moresso has added straight, and wavy natural shades of I tip extension on their collection. The length starts from 16 up to 24 inches long. Just pick a big longer extension for your hair. Because, when the stylist gives you a haircut after applying for the extension, the hair gets shorter. 

There are 50 strands per pack. Only high-quality glue is used to make these I tips so that the hair doesn’t shed at all. The overall quality and thickness of the hair are impressive for the price you have to pay. Only cold fusion is allowed for this hair.

SEGO Pre Bonded Keratin Stick/I Tip Remy Human Hair Extension

  • Brazilian Remy human hair;
  • Color: golden brown & bleach blonde(I Tip);
  • Cold fusion.

There is nothing as glamorous as black and silver balayage color for hair. It makes black-haired women of any age bold and beautiful. This balayage color black and silver extension is just one click away from you. 

This is hard to find hair color for I tip extensions, and all the lengths are available now. Hurry before it gets stock out!

7A grade human hair is used in this I tip extension-making process. The hair is soft and shiny. Often the silver color on hair extensions looks matte and ashy for the lack of shine. This is not the case with these SEGO hair extensions. 

There are 21 shades of different hair types, textures, and highlights in Youngsee. Check those out before you finally get the one you need.

Rich Choices I Tip Remy Human Hair Medium Brown & Dark Blonde

  • Medium Brown & Dark Blonde;
  • 100 strands/pack, 0.5g/ strands;
  • Application: Cold fusion hair method.

This is the thinnest I tip strands you can find. The strands weigh only .5 grams. So, the weight distribution throughout your head will be more even, and you will hardly feel any added weight on your hair, even for a full head application. 

This extension needs only cold fusion applications. With color-matched rings or beads, all the hair extensions can be applied. There are a total of 26 colors of different solid and highlighted shades in Rich Choices. All are high-quality, Remy human hair. So the hair is seamless and comfortable to wear. As the strands are skinny, 3 to 4 packs are needed for a full head look.

Easyouth I-tip Remy Hair Extension, Blue

  • 0.8 g per strand, 50 strands per pack;
  • Dark blue color;
  • 14-22 inches long.

A peak of one or two strands of dark blue hair strands between black, brown, or dark blonde hair is all it takes to teen girls to make their statement. From pink, purple, red, and silver color, you can pick the one that goes to your personal style. The hair length can be chosen from 14 to 22 inches. You can get one or two inches longer than your true hair length and make a hair cut after installing. 

This is real human hair, dyed in vibrant shades. So a color protectant shampoo is required to make the color last longer and vibrant. This is cold fusion hair.. Only beads of the smallest size are needed to install this. As the beads are tiny, they won’t feel uncomfortable.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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