Best Micro Bead Hair Extensions: Why It is the Best Form of Others

Published on: March 20, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

The aftermath of damage resulting from glue-based hair extensions discourages you from getting a full head of luscious hair. Do you want your hair to look glamorous, healthy, and long without waiting for ages? Then we are here to introduce one of a kind hair extension that is meant just for you! This microbead extension is non-damaging and blends effortlessly with natural hair. All in all, with the right tool and a hand, you can save bucks by wearing it at home.

best micro bead hair extensions

Besides, you will not have to wait for days to wash your hair like others have to when they wear glue-based extensions. Or you also don’t have to struggle every morning to blend the extensions like others have to with clip-in extensions.

This microbead extension is a revolution in the industry of hair extensions and is an improved version of clip-in and glue-based extensions.

Micro Link or Microbead Hair Extensions?

Micro link hair extensions in other words Microbead extensions are hair structures that anyone can use. They ask about the method of using fusion hair extensions (i-tips) and/or weft hair extensions (bundles). They’re installed within the natural hair with hair pliers tools, using microbeads for fixing them.

It’s the “micro link/micro bead extensions” process that a lot of people use already. It gives a seamless appearance, with no need for braids/threads for securing them.

Why is Micro Bead Extension the Best Form of Others?


It is best because, unlike tape-in or glue-based hair extensions, it does not need to apply heat or added glue to attach to the real hair. That is the reason, it is called a cold press extension. As there is no glue, removing is also a breeze and quick. 


On the other hand, the clip-in extensions are easy to wear but hard to blend. Easy blendability is the number one advantage of beaded extensions. The hair is placed around the bead and when the real hair is passed through the bead, it blends in automatically. 

Ease of Wear

This extension is a better version of U-tip, I-tip, and tape-in extensions. Whereas it takes several hours to wear those, it merely takes minutes to wear the weft-style micro bead extensions. On the other hand, depending on how many packs you use, the strand-style beaded extensions may take up to an hour. Moreover, with some help, you can wear them at home as well. There is no chance of damage if anything goes wrong. The same goes for the replacement and removal of this extension. 


You have to take care of the extensions as much as you should take care of your real hair. There is no need to use any specific shampoo because, unlike glue-based extensions, there is no possibility of ruining the bind or slippage. The problem is, most women don’t know how to take care of their own hair or are too lazy to do so. In this write-up, we also discussed the basic maintenance of our hair. With that, you can make the extension last longer too!

How to Wear Micro Ring/ Micro Bead Extensions

Online tutorials are convenient to demonstrate how to wear microbeads and what you need to use to do so. First of all, I recommend doing that by a professional for beginners. After a couple of visits, you will get confident about doing this yourself.

Wearing microbeads is like passing a tread into a needle eye. That’s basically the case. Here the thread is your hair and the needle eye is the bead. There is a loop attached to every bead that will help you to pass the hair into the tiny bead. 

Then, all you have to do is slip the bead upward toward your scalp and squeeze it flat using pliers. Remember to leave a 1 cm gap between the bead and the scalp. Otherwise, the bead will stick out rather than falling flat and your scalp hurts. 

How to Take Care Micro Bead Extensions

Please note, the maintenance for micro bead extension is the same as the real hair we have on our scalps. Reading this will enlighten you about how you should take care of your hair, with or without the extension. 

Always brush your hair before bath and before going to bed. Use a loop brush to detangle the hair starting from the tip. 

Put your hair in a high bun in a ponytail before bed. Wear a silk cap or use a silk pillowcase to reduce friction. It helps to retain the natural shine of the hair. 

Clean the hair when needed, don’t over-wash or under-wash it. Using a dry shampoo can save the hair from being overwashed. 

Make a habit of using a conditioner and a leave-in conditioner. Use the leave-in conditioner before detangling the hair. As the extensions don’t get nutrition from the scalp, they tend to get tangled easily. 

Use a hydrating hair mask and hair oil once a week. You can make the mask on your own with natural ingredients. 

Use heat protection spray before using styling tools. 

How to Pick the Right Type

Before picking the extensions, you need to consider the quality, texture, and condition of your hair and how you want it to look.


Women with fine hair should select an extension that weighs less than 50 grams per pack. No matter if it is weft style or strand style. For the weight, the extension will hold up well and have a good grip on the hair. 


Almost all hair extension brands offer a size guide. Here is a quick tip for selecting the desired length. Choose an extension that is 2 inches longer than you want it to be. Mostly we suggest cutting the hair after wearing the extension for better blending. The extra two inches will save you from getting the hair too short after the haircut. 


Choose extensions in the color of your hair tip, if you are not choosing the highlighted hair. This way, the hair will look more natural. The bead color should also match the roots otherwise they will show up. 

Duration of Wear

For long-term wearing, the strand-style extensions are better. On the other hand, for short-term use, the weft-style beaded extensions are a better choice. 

Our Recommended Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Ugeat Brazilian Dark Brown Microbead Hairpiece

  • Color 4 dark brown;
  • 14-inch length;
  • 50 grams; 
  • 12-inch wide beaded hairpiece. 

It is basically a hairpiece with tiny beads underneath. Unlike other micro bead extensions, this one does not come in separate strands. The hairpiece is 12 inches in width. There are tiny beads underneath the hairpiece. The good thing is, you don’t have to pass 50 strands into 50 beads to use a pack of extensions. Rather, by passing through 15 beads, you can attach the entire hairpiece. This is why I find it easier to wear, remove and replace. You can do this at home with the help of a friend and the right tools.

As there are only a few beads to manage, there is less chance of shedding. So as the users have claimed. The dark brown color will be good for black hair girls to create a highlighted look and for light brown hair girls to create depth.

LAAVOO Human Hair Micro Beads Extensions

  • Skin Type Insensitive, Normal;
  • Hair Type Human Hair, Full End, Natural, Soft Smooth, StraightOne 50 gram weft;
  • 16-inch length.

Here is another micro bead extension in weft style—no hassle of managing hundreds of strands to get full-head hair. Only one or two extensions are enough. It is better manageable than the micro-strand beads. 

However, the extension is a gorgeous highlighted one. Dark brown roots are faded to medium brown at the tip, and there is a light blonde highlight—salon standard hair color without paying hundreds of bucks in the salon and without damaging your own hair. Girls with brown or dark brown hair can easily look glamorous wearing this. 

Generally, 2-3 packs are enough for the whole head, if you have to add both length and volume, we recommend 3-4 packs and 1-2 packs to add highlight.

LaaVoo Remy Micro Beaded Weft Extensions Light Brown

  • Color: Light Brown Fading to Platinum Blonde;
  • 18-inches straight hair, 
  • 12-inch weft.

For special occasions and events, you can get ready with the desired look when this micro beaded weft is handy. These are easy to wear at home and even easier to style and remove when not in use. You can wear it for the long and short term. Whether it is a prom night or a Christmas vacation, good hair days will always be by your side. 

The three different shades of blonde will suit any blonde girl. Besides, it will blend in effortlessly. One weft is enough for length, but for the added volume, you can get 2 or three micro-beaded wefts from Lavoo.

Ugeat Microlink Hair Extensions

  • With micro beads around 0.3cm away from the scalp;
  • 14-inch length.

Please note, this is white blonde, not platinum blonde. I know, both the colors are categorized under the same number 60 but the difference is, the white blonde is somewhat matte-finished hair. The platinum blonde is more like barbie’s hair. The extension we are talking about hair will blend in with natural or dyed hair effortlessly for its matt finish. 

The beads used in this extension have a silicone lining underneath. The silicon holds the hair in place better without damaging your own hair. You will less likely to experience any shedding using this silicone-lined micro bead extension. This pack has 50 strands of hair that weighs 50 grams per pack. For added length and volume, you may need 3 to 4 packs.

La Demoiselle Human Hair Micro Ring Extensions in Pink

  • Color: hot pink;
  • 10 strands, 50-70 grams;
  • 18-inch length.

There are only 10 strands of micro bead extensions in hot pink color. One pack is enough to get a pop of color in your regular hair color. Isn’t it good that you don’t have to dye your own hair with damaging chemicals to get the look you want? 

Though the color is unnatural, the hair in the extensions is not. These are real human hair, so they are easy to style with heating tools. The color starts fading after a month of use. Keep that in mind while ordering these extensions. You can order extra packs to store when you need a replacement. These extensions are great as a present for teen and young adult girls.

Rainbow Microbead Tip Hair Extensions

  •  Includes 100 strands of rainbow hair, 100 micro rings, a plier, & pulling needle hook tool;
  • 20 -inches straight hair, 
  • 50 grams per pack.

Bring your fierce personality by wearing this auburn hair. You can choose to dye your hair auburn and wear this extension for added volume. Or you can wear these extensions as a highlight. For dark-haired girls, it will bring some warmth to your appearance. 

As these extensions are professionally dyed, there is no chance of fading the color. The hair quality is superior, and you will less likely to experience any shedding or breakage. Just make sure you care about the hair in the right way. This is the key to last any extension longer.

LAAVOO Micro Beads Hair Extensions Ombre Remy Human Hair

  • Color: #2/6/18
  • 20-inches straight hair,
  • Skin Type insensitive, normal;
  • Hair Type human hair, full end, natural, soft smooth, straight
  • 50 grams per pack.

The advantage of black hair is, you can wear any extension seamlessly. When it comes to micro bead extension, it is necessary to match the bead color to the color of the roots. When you have other than black hair color, color matching may become difficult, but there is no such hassle in black color. 

However, the extension you are getting from Moresso is one of the top quality in the affordable range. Any type of extension and hairpiece from Moresso is unquestionably quality. Though this black beaded extension is not sold online much, I recommend this due to the good reputation of the brand. 

Hetto Black Micro Link Hair Extensions Human Hair

  • Color #Jet Black
  • 12-inch length;
  • 50 strands, 40 grams.

For girls with black hair, an ombre extension of black to brown is great to create a salon-made glamorous look. Have a look at this extension. Each strand weighs only 1 gram. Meaning, you will barely feel the weight or pulling of the bead. The beads used in this extension are long but tiny. It will be more comfortable to hold but very small to detect. 

Here, you can order extensions with any color and texture from 14 inches to 24 inches in length. They also offer customized services. All the extensions are human hair of good quality. So, you will never have a problem styling your hair.

You may need 2 to 3 packs of Sunny Hair to cover the entire head depending on the thickness of your own hair. I recommend ordering one pack extra so that you will have enough supply while replacing the extension. If any strand slips off, you can use the extra pack.

Sunny Micro Ring Hair Extensions Human Hair

  • 14″ length;
  • 50 strands, 50 grams.

The wine-red color will add a vibrant hue to the natural black or dark brown hair you have. Get out of the dull, plain black or brown hair. Use this wine-red extension to achieve a bold and colorful look. Apart from the normal and plain dark and blonde colors, you can stand out from the crowd by wearing a vivid colored extension like this one.

It is 14 inches in length, which is enough to have a haircut like a long bob or layered cut. It is okay if you don’t want to cut your hair short. Then you can also order longer extensions of the same color. Once you wear it, you can feel the youthfulness of your appearance.

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The only problem with the micro bead extension I can mention is, it may feel uncomfortable for a couple of days after installation. That happens with any extension you wear for the first time. Over time you will get used to it. 

Here, we tried to let you know all you need to know before deciding on this hair extension type and make the purchase regret-free.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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