How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost at a Salon

Published on: January 26, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Extensions, the stuff name which the novices can think like a freezer or drying out for hair. Hair extensions cost at a salon can also define the matter of the greatest probability. And the special tools, like thermal protecting sprays for heat at frequent times to reduce freezing fast, and yes, regular conditioning will work out. 

how much do hair extensions cost at a salon

Typical and professional salon-style hair extension costs differ in quality, even nationwide, like Chinese got lower dense extensions than Russians. In this approach, typical, regular ones can range between $200 to $400 even though the quality does not confirm well. And yes, the tape can pull out at ease though you do not stretch or pull much. In particular, $200 specifies tape-in and clip-ins, whether more than that $600 refers to glued-ins, micro-beads, sew-ins, and fusion as well. 

But choosing between these types is quite difficult, though the hair experts suggest the least damaging hair extensions as Remy ones. Last is the longest type of hair extension, made of human hair, most natural in appearance, and durable as well. However, it is up to you if you select Kardashian extensions or the most natural ones, hair extensions cost at a salon in between 3 or 4 months.  

how much do hair extensions cost at a salon

What Do Hair Extensions Mean?

According to Wikipedia definitions, hair extensions are one of the artificial hair integrations with extended and volumized hair length to increase hair styling chances. Comes in a wide range like clipped, sewn, natural, glued, and more that we can imagine now by searching in any search engine optimization. 

It gives natural look, though hair extensions may give a fake look if the position of it is not good enough on the head part you want. By incorporating your synthetic natural hair for extra bouncy, you have to meet experts in this styling section. If one has an interest in how these are made in factories, the answer is from the real human donors of hair. 

Often known as Remy’s hair, means the combination of cuticles, in short, the outer layers are intact. In fact, the cuticles run in the same direction at excerpt time. So, without tangling, make sure a silky, smooth overall extension hair throughout the wearer’s lifetime. 

The imitation of those natural hair extensions is synthetic ones. People are often involved in synthetic hair extensions vs natural hair extensions tilted battles. However, on real hair extensions contrast, various blended fibers contain no genuine hairs on the length. Offers very fine services rather than the original ones, yet plastic fibers can harm regular hair roots for regular purposes.   


What about the hair extension types? Well, the entity is in a wide range and yes, let’s get into these versatile extension applications. 


[amazon fields=”B07355FHBF” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Clip-in Hair Extensions”]

What are these? Well, the synopsis comes in a weft, like real contoured pieces. Attached are all on a silicone base and that fabric base is approximately ready to use before the party. Each of the pieces clips only let itself open and close with comfy to clip them in. Here is an example of this type

Unlike other hair extension units, these will turn you ready ranging between 5-15 minutes. As if, the application is possible at home. However, this least permanent style can cause up to the least damage whether others get lots of chemicals.

However, some simple rules of treatment can make you beautiful and rash-free on the skin. Wear and wear, but push it under running basin water for about 15 years, either it becomes unmanageable. Simply make it wet, brush it with shampoo and get the conditioner over it. Dry it in sunny weather so that the moisture can soak out at ease. Well, the great match you should buy as per your hair color and style, like curly, straight, and yes, remember to perfectly apply a lower heat setting. Yet do not forget to prior the heat protectant for precise heat styling. 


Weave or sew-in, both are similar to setting up inside the braid section’s cornrows first. One needs to thread to sew those compact weaves into the cornrow or braid. People who have proper thin visible hairs, require most to make the braids at any time fluffy. Yes, the similarity with the previous hair extension model is indeed complete to temporary usage or longer after frequent washing. The way thicker hair users use it, as generally speaking, is a long process in a salon, more than an hour. 

Hair extensions cost at a salon-like using a tight application method as if putting one after another strain on the scalp to feel heavy. Experienced hairdressers explain the shape as forming in a wig. The form is opposed to separate wefts like all hair comes to separate one piece. However, the most seamless and permanent one cannot come off after the setup. 

To moisturize the scalp after wearing, it once a week, the owner has to condition and shampoo each edge and nape once in a week. Even with zero weakening hair, such synthetic pieces can last at least 6-7 weeks from the first usage.  


Also, perform with glue on the scalp. Well, such hair extensions at salons are kind of pre-taped, like more than 2 pieces together on cornrows to set up on either side of one’s hair with an adhesive. Aligning them with the hair roots is the foremost task to complete for more than a couple of hours. However, the difficult task is positioning with a heated gun to melt down the glue stick. Again in reinstallation time, I need to remove it with another glue remover tool. 

In natural ways, heating those glues to attach extensions on roots, can damage hair sometimes. But the fortunate thing is, whole extensions come with real human hair. However, this process can continue at least 40 minutes to an hour before the occasion. The common issue with the tape loosening, or slipping off though it is avoidable. How? The treatment is very fruitful with a special less harsh, not oily shampoo and conditioner that will continue the glue to stick on. 

Do not forget the extension time is kind of semi-permanent, in particular, ranging between 4-8 weeks to remove and reapply on how the taken care of is well or not. 

Fusion and Pre-bonded

This is similar to the previous model. Well, the closure look tells the fusion of natural human hair which you can stick with a similar adhesive, yet cost much varying on the glue and shape. The application may take around 4 hours, yet does not suit and comfy the provider to all clients. However, the damage is not less than some other units, which you can use as the hairdresser suggests. Whenever you will try, you need a hot glue gun to set up individual strands on the natural scalp. 

Another method, for instance, utilization of a heat clamp, which will melt all your glue stick down to stick pre-bonded extensions. The treatment and management are the same as the real hair you do, for instance, using good natural hair products. However, after 2-3 months of hair growth, repositioning will be required for the growth adjustment. As well, can protect you from breakage, hair loss, scalp irritation, and more that you cannot imagine. 


A set of micro loop or micro bead hair, manufactured from natural hairs with a tiny non-visible silicone-lined bead. In particular, attaching those tiny wefts of hair to tiny natural hair sections is a perfect breeze for fake hairs. 

Securing the beads to small hair sections, as well tightened at the preferred place it should have, is another working breeze with a certain toolkit. The extra benefits are no rashing, no irritation, and no more skin diseases. Although no need for adhesive or glue here will lessen your cost of hair extensions, improper installation can damage your natural hair. However, tightening and pulling, roots can get flimsy to cause hair fall. 

Preparation takes up to 4 hours which can drag you from purchasing. Yet the regular utilizing stuff with similar hair treatments will push you inside the store for further sets.  

Average Hair Extensions Cost at a Salon

After the types of detailed explanations of hair extensions, on average costs including maintenance varies as per the quality, size, and shape of how much volume can run. The average hair extensions cost at a salon nationwide ranges between $200-$700. Even the expansion limit can cross anticipated from quality. From the hair experts’ well-researched info, both tape-in and clip hair extensions cost at a salon more than $200, yet you want a budget range? Well, between $100 to $300. 

What pros use for professional clients, as well as actresses and similar clients, suggest glue-in extensions and yes, the price range crosses regular hair extensions or wigs that we have explained before, it is around $600 to $4000. However, the shape, size, and duration of these small, lengthy, and mid-sized wigs are. Cold-fusion, permanent, full heads of excessive long extensions are some examples. 

From a regular view, who needs a regular wig type such extensions? Well, it is a definite Hollywood-style shortcut. The first celebrity look they prefer is full voluminous head hair or single piece ones like micro link hair extensions within a couple of hours. Even fashion shows and regular walkers cannot imagine the walk without their single outlook and determination through hair extensions in a green room. 

Experts and experienced persons suggest always 100% natural and beautiful false hair, based on human hair on Silicon or Rubber type base, even the highest bucks worthy or not. 

Permanent Styling Hair Extensions Cost at a Salon

The range starts from $500 to $2000, as well we have the facts on the costs determined before, right? The final outlook you can desire by the extensions will make the evening or special occasions much more special and memorable. 

In general, such permanent stuff directs to solid fusion-style applications. Salon specialists may use tools like low-heat iron and high-heat iron, either a laser applicator to soften and adjust the curls or straighten hair as per your occasion. Though the hair extension applicator has some basic rules and maintenance that you have to follow, for instance, heat adjustment to make the hairpieces soften as far as possible. Then the roller will roll strands of hair with the seamless matter. 

However, apart from the blend, the entire procedure will part a tiny bond, yet nothing to worry about. As if the pieces are seamless later as little as a rice grain. As a result, the slave bonds will get the desired match to your natural hair color.   

Current Human Hair Extensions Costs on Average

Though on average quality hair extensions cost at a salon is not that high, however, above the quality, the best one can soothe your shiny hair on the full head. The basic prices as per the types are given below to step forward fast. 

Micro Loop

All the 3 sets along with an average price are $35, around 18 inches will come to afford your perfect hair plus. Though the supplied beautifier on average bucks worth intense the average quality, not the ideal ones. If you better assist yourself in choosing the ideal sets from the best outlets, the right texture and color matching will make your 3-4 weeks perfect.

Compared to micro ring extensions, they cost a little less, including the benefit of separate purchases for matching the client’s natural human hair texture and color, as if auto-matching is noticeable. Because of the attached plastic loop which is the base to put on the head hair small sections.  

Micro Link

Microbeads or micro links, both shape up as similar in the same hair extension put-in method. As if, it falls in the same cost range, it is about $200 and the quality can make it a higher turnover. The single differentiation we have far noticed before is the texture and size of those colored models. The beads are types of nanobeads of different shapes small sizes, round and square, yet the lining is silicone which you can apply through metal clip beads. 


Costs a little more than beaded-weft extensions. Even much better than high adhesive-based ones because no itchiness and hair fall happens after settling down on your hair for six months. In particular, experienced users have suggested that it lasts up to 7 months after the application. So, the Keratin bonds can cost around $1500 to $3500 sometimes. 

In this approach, a salon expert should apply this Polymer base with full Keratin with their basic and care methods. More than that, after the attachment and securing of parts to selected hair strands, the user will need no frequent heating system.

Extensions Glued-in

Did you hear the cold-fusion term? Regarding fusion hair extensions at salons, it refers to heating an adhesive. In that approach, a certain and very much special Ultrasonic iron is used to bond thick hairs with the extensions. Ranges from $300 to $600 to last more than 3 months even. However, never suits thin or fine hairs because of the final attachment, needs unthinned hairs to avoid hair fall while removing the glue. 

Yet before that procedure, apply a type of U-tip and I-tip which is full of Keratin to melt bonds around hairs in a perfect shape. But do not forget to use high-heat iron. 


The popular term “hair weave”, in general, refers to the hair extension experts at a salon to permanent solution sewn onto braids for up to 2 months. Sounds like a lucky beautifier? Well, prices of this stuff are quite their nature, like wavy from $100 to $700, varies as per the regular pinpointed factors. 

Want a full head weave? Purchasing a set of 6 to 10 tracks can cover up the whole counterpart to last more than 3 weeks or 3 months. Yet the traditional weave thin-haired women should avoid such sets because unhealthy hairs can take off hairs after every single wash.   


Price begins from $255, and will end between $300 to $600. Well, with an additional cost, as in $60 for separate tracks that come with it. Available in both permanent and temporary usage models, as if, the longevity for permanent ones is more than 8 weeks and temporary levels for 2 weeks. However, you might have thought permanent models are available at huge bucks, but definitely not. Well, the price is less than previously mentioned fusion treatments, yet more than clip-ins.  

Whether it depends most often on braids that require extra thick hair. As well as you can notice the cornrows first in the shop. 


Its range starts from $200 at a salon for its partial extensions, as if, you know, the materials turn on from human natural hairs. Whether other similar hair extensions have variety, especially the thin hair suitable models cost much, however, this is not. List of some tape-in extensions.

The overall segments have a double-sided smooth Keratin type. 2 inches in width, which the novice can close to your roots. However, it needs a slight overlapping, and yes, that could bend in. By the sandwich module to your hair, a stylist can attach it. So, the time you will need to peel back, it is easy to get back the coating and stick these on again. 


At least 20-inch width hair extensions will charge around $500. Whether the color and stick base can vary the bucks up to $600. As much as around, a single pack of 9 sections, it lengths around 30 inches long. In contrast to other permanent hair extensions costs at a salon, this model has temporary ones at a very low price because of its put-on capacity oneself. 

And yes, be wary of a lower price for clip-in models that can cause a weaker grip, as well as make thicker hair thinner. 

How to Select Hair Extensions?

Hair Type

The most stylish hair extension applications depend on hair health conditions that grow to great lengths. The best hair type should attach the best hair extensions which are budget-friendly at a salon. As in, mostly healthy thick hairs can catch up with this stuff, though thin hairs are also available, for instance, clip-ins.

Well enough thick to medium hair should go for certain glue or Keratin extracted fused or bonded hair extensions. For fine, thin hairs, we prefer tape-in legal wefts with double or single side tapes base. How about the curls? Well, search for the best aftermarket weave or sew-ins. Even these braided cornrows will attach from ear to ear of your coarse hairs too. Clip-in extensions are well enough for mid-sized dense hair to latch on at ease. 


The best aftermarket hair extensions for your budget can even offer a silicone base. However, we better suggest the Remy and human hair instead of those overwhelming non-Remy, Synthetic, and other baseliners. Now the fact is which one to get for matching. 

Well, the answer depends on severe, lasting, and examined hair choices. Though recommended human hairs are kind of less lasting beauty products rather than synthetic ones, for instance, once they get wet, proper maintenance can get back its previous outlook.

However, the synthetic ones cannot get weak at ease, as if, very weak to handle swimming pool water. If one wants to pick a single strand and gather both the ends and roots in the hair’s right direction, Remy human hair is the precise and healthiest one out there.    


A perfect blend with natural hair extensions can make your evening much more beautiful than you have thought. The matching texture is the key point, however, each texture supports a wide range of hair types. For example, Russian hair extensions cost at a salon varies from the better denier that it can serve. 

In contrast, Chinese textured wigs feature mid-layered volume density. Now, will it matter if the texture does not have a good match at all? Well, with a huge effort, the unmatched look will be intense and better messy than you have desired. Do the first touch and examine your hair. For example, if it is straight, instead of curled ones, pick the straighter ones. 

Restrict on Human Usage?

Well, the answer is for beautification seekers who do find hair-extending tasks. It is a very tricky task as subtle as sanding by hand to add a small or large amount of shiny volumes if the user has thick hair to get a thicker look. In particular, the extensions are for extra modified outlook, kind of big changes by great length from the regular pattern. 

Whether the change is good enough, yet not may be well done for some human beings which can cause longer effects by the regular or permanent hair extensions. Alopecia Areata or great terms of hair loss, Mole, Atypical, Folliculitis, dandruff, and more, more and more that are recently visible. In short, heat-damaged hair can make you ugly. However, Vitamin D receptors, which can regrow hairs within 2 weeks, proved as per the hair experts at present. 

Apart from that, relying on hair types, for instance, wavy, curly, and straight and their core particles determine the hair extension applications and the cost as well at a salon. Especially the hair type acknowledgment. How is that possible? Well, a strand and place it on a flat table made of nailers and adhesive, and feel the bare thickness.

If your fingertips sense it smooth, you have maintained fine thin hair, on contrast, textured and more than enough thick hair calls for being coarse. Somehow on very curly hair, the popular micro ring method makes the volume very cozy, fancy, and flat. So, before trying that natural volume before party time, and on other occasions, have a hair treatment or hair scaling to have a machine application. 

Will It Last Longer?

The longer operations rely on better maintenance, for instance, smooth paint brushes after usage on trim boards, should remain under running water. However, remembering 3 pinpoints to create healthy and fancy volumes like having thick guts or clarified by shampoo, fab as beer shampoo. 

Even you can avoid wearing in between mid to low-end space hair to any buns like high ones, and ponytails too as over direction. It is not as safe as the specialists in this field have provided their opinion. As well as the experts have detailed with easy to remove and put that straight back in, which should have never possibly come with a hair break. 

We have mentioned wearing a good shampoo pack that can avoid hair root damage whether coarse or rough-dry hair can face the challenge of 80% less satisfaction. Well, though you have good shiny shampoo hair, in a gentle way, section and massage your hair with both hands before styling with brush size as your hair needs. 

Sometimes users or novice salon stylists complain that it is hard to take care of hair extensions more than its buying cost. Well, it depends on the experience. Whether clip-in type extensions are not stationary, in short, temporary.

So, those quality types, yet temporary ones are very rare to wash and frequently time usage. In contrast, washing, spraying, and other paste maintenance for permanent hair extensions cost at a salon, you can sit very flat on the hair root ranging from 3 weeks to 6 months or more. So, yes, the costly and permanent ones can last for 2 years at least.

Benefits of Getting Hair Extensions in a Salon Versus Doing Them at Home

There are several benefits to getting hair extensions in a salon versus doing them at home.

  • Professionalism: Salons typically employ trained and experienced stylists who are trained to properly apply for hair extensions. They are also more likely to use high-quality hair extensions and the right tools to ensure that the extensions are applied safely and securely.
  • Customization: Salons can provide a wider range of hair extension options, including different types of extensions (such as tape-ins, sew-ins, or micro-link extensions) that can be tailored to your specific hair type, length, and desired look.
  • Maintenance: Salons can provide regular maintenance services, such as tightening or re-applying extensions, which can help prolong the life of the extensions and keep them looking natural.
  • Safety: Applying for hair extensions at home can be risky, as it is easy to make mistakes that can cause damage to your natural hair. Salons have the knowledge and tools to properly apply the extensions without causing damage.

Overall, while it may be more cost-effective to apply for hair extensions at home, visiting a salon can provide a higher level of expertise and customization, which can lead to a better overall outcome.

Are There Any Special Services Offered at Salons to Help Maintain Hair Extensions

Yes, salons typically offer a variety of services to help maintain hair extensions. These may include:

  • Extension maintenance and re-installation: This service involves removing and re-installing extensions to ensure they are properly aligned and secure.
  • Extension washing and conditioning: Hair extensions require special care to maintain their quality and appearance. Salons may offer services such as washing and conditioning extensions to keep them clean and hydrated.
  • Extension cutting and styling: Salons may also offer services such as cutting and styling extensions to blend them seamlessly with your natural hair.
  • Extension coloring: Hair extensions can also be colored to match your natural hair color or to create a new look.
  • Extension repair: Salons may also offer services such as extension repair to fix any issues with the hair extensions.

It’s important to note that not all salons offer all of these services, so it’s a good idea to call ahead and ask what services are available. It’s also recommended to use a salon that specializes in hair extension services.

Final Thought

Whether it is about strand-by-strand hair extensions, similar terms of such stuff are relevant to Keratin hot glue, glue-ins, micro or nanobeads, and more. We have informed you with a referred good and altogether bad side, as in the side effects to save your investment and make the bucks worthy. However, these all stand within the cost range of about $200 to $3500. 

Stay in the know that, before all severe applications, do not forget the hair checkup and treatment as well. Neither condition will get worse day by day instead of making your natural stunning. 

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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